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Enterprise Edition

ADC products optimized for production and massively scalable environments.


Installable and flexible ADC system for multi vendor hardware.


Robust dedicated ADC hardware to get the most performance.


Advanced cyber-security services for your application delivery.


Load Balancing as a Service and ADC orchestration toolbox.

Community Edition

Open Source Load Balancer for providing high availability and content switching services. ADC project for development or testing environments.

Successful Cases

We ensure seamless failover to ensure business continuity

All the best features

Massive-scale the data as well with application firewall features.

adc high availability

High Availability

Load Balancing and high availability of services, applications, uplinks and data centers.

adc scale

Cybersecurity & DDoS protection

ADC products optimized for production and massively scalable environments.

adc performance

Cutting-edge Technology

Cutting-edge technology and techniques that provide 10x more performance than others.


We believe in cooperation and innovation, from now, you can contribute to support our community

Research & Development

Investing in R&D let us become easier, more secure, more available and more performance

Finding The Solution That Best Fits Your Needs

Discover a new alternative for you and your team. Speak to one of our experts and find out how you help you reduce risks to ensure your business’s growth while facilitating a flexible IT architecture for your company.