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New ZEVENET CE Load Balancing Repository

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We’re proud to announce that the ZEVENET Community Edition repository is now available in GitHub. Here you’ll find a wiki section for our load balancing documentation, issues or enhancements reporting and a new mailing list where the users can share their experiences with ZEVENET Load Balancer our improved load balancing solution. For pursuing easiness in […]

Are you ready for Zevenet roadmap 2017?

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Next year, our new brand Zevenet will be launched and we’re working on some great features to become a reference of application delivery controllers in the market. The Zevenet roadmap 2017 will be focused on Security, Availability and High Performance always with the most cutting-edge technology made easy. Here is a brief list of some […]

Nftables Load Balancing 10x faster than LVS

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These two pages were the beginning of Load Balancing with nftables project, developed between Pablo Neira (Netfilter Core Team) and Laura García (Zen Load Balancer Team) and presented at the last Netdev 1.2 Conference in Tokyo along with its benchmarks where were proved that nftables from ingress reaches a performance almost 10 times faster than LVS . We mainly have implemented two […]

Lessons learnt from Netdev 1.2 in Tokyo

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In this post we’re going to highlight the most important topics and discussions addressed in Netdev 1.2 in Tokyo the last 5th-7th of October to create the networking evolution in the Linux Kernel. One interesting approach has been the idea of reducing NICs buffers that could provide a great advantage to avoid losses of packets […]


This section is used for alert configurations, Zen Load Balancer v4.2 is able to send notifications to customer through email when an Alert is detected, in a near future more ways of notifications will be included. The available fields are described as follows: Mail Server: SMTP Server which receive the email. Mail User: Email account […]


This section is used for client notifications, Zen Load Balancer v4.2 is able to inform to customer through email if a backend is detected as DOWN or UP. If cluster is configured this service can alert customer when cluster service switches, in a near future more alerts will be included. Backend Notifications. This section is […]

Load Balancing with nftables: Designing more with less

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Last Netdev 1.1 Conference in Seville (Spain) was presented a design of a new sophisticated load balancing infrastructure which will permit not only more performance with less resources but also a simplification and unification of user space commands for networking handling. This is the base of Zen Load Balancer technology and the reason of our […]

ZVNcloud, the LBaaS platform for hybrid clouds

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The technology evolution is continuously challenging the infrastructure needs to become more flexible and easier to maintain. In regards to fit these requirements was designed ZVNcloud, the Load Balancing as a Service solution to orchestrate the creation of load balancing services through public and private clouds. The ZVNcloud flexibility by design allows to use it […]