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Who we are


Zen Load Balancer was born on October 2010 as an individual developer open source project, with a very basic web user interface and simple features for basic load balancing properties.

First 2011 quarter, the development project was grown to two main developers and adding some properties like clustering for high availability load balancing, UDP protocol support and some networking and system management improvements.

On September 2011, the developers team reached three main developers and until now, the list of new and advanced features has improved the usability and reliability of this project.

January 2012 the Zen Load Balancer Team, with the support of many compromised users, begin the adventure of creating a new company called Sofintel IT Engineering S.L. to provide some professional services and commercial products around Zen Load Balancer and others open source projects.

Sofintel IT Engineering is really engaged to keep Zen Load Balancer as a real open source project maintaining a sustainable commercial platform. Purchasing any of the provided products or services will help to maintain this project open source.