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Where we are


Zen Load Balancer is a mature project and many companies, administrations and organizations around the world are giving their confidence in this open source project.

Thousands of Zen Load Balancers are installed in production environments around the world and we would like to share some of these successful cases with our current and future users.

Send us your successful case with Zen Load Balancer through the contact form to be published in this section. (Subject: Successful Case)

Transform Medical Group (UK)
Zen Load Balancer works with Citrix XenApp with more than 800 users, web application services and SMTP services supporting more than 600 concurrent connections and receiving more than 5000 emails a day.
Nick (Senior Systems Engineer): “Zen Load Balancer is a nice light product, which services all our needs within our virtualized environment. Building on a stable environment, it is our choice for providing Load Balanced services within Transform ”
Begasoft AG (Switzerland)
Zen Load Balancer provide HA service in web applications of the company, at the moment are working with 3 zen load balancer, 2 virtualized and 1 hardware. Zen moves more than 5000 visits at day.
Christian (System Administrator): “We saved more than $10k deprecating private solutions. it is a very very good product with passionate and cooperative programmers easy to use and works like a charm! i would recommend this product for everyone without concern”
Beabloo S.L. (Spain)
Zen Load Balancer provides HA service in web applications/services (HTTP/HTTPS) of the company, at the moment we are working with 1 Zen Load Balancer in cluster (2 real servers). Our Zen plaform moves more than 5.000.000 requests/day and we are expecting to increase this by 10 in the next 12 months.
Fabien (Systems Director): “I’ve been working a lot in the past with other very well known Load Balancer products, very robust with a bunch a features, that has a substancial cost as well, but I can say that with Zen Load Balancer I only have what I need and ZLB makes the job perfectly. V2 was a bit light in features, but the latest V3 is much more powerful. A really nice product !”