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A load balancer is the entry point of many of business services on every company. Services like email, web sites, web applications, remote desktop, and many others could be crucial to maintain always uptime whenever and wherever they’re needed.

Zen Load Balancer professional services solves the requirement of many companies around the world for which their load balancing services with ZenLB could mean a high risk for their businesses. The professional support team is formed of an engaged engineers in order to provide a fanatical support to our customers helping in doubts, integration problems, advises and full commitment resolving bugs very quickly and providing instant hotfixes when it’s needed.

Thus ZenLB provides the following support modes:

Community Support

This option is only for testers, individuals and educational purposes. The community support could attend queries only through the project distribution list but it’s not guaranteed a solution for your doubts or problems.

Basic Professional Support

This option is a professional solution to offer an engaged response targeted to production environments within companies against problems, doubts and fast resolving issues. Special services and advantages are provided for a basic professional support.

Critical Support        

The Critical Professional Support offers 24x7x365 attention and support services dedicated to companies whose load balancing services mean an essential service to the company and it’s a mission critical risk for the business.

Support Programs Specifications

Zen Load Balancer Support Levels & Enterprise Benefits
Community Support
Basic Professional Support
Main Support Levels
System/Server Included
* Physical, virtual and homologated device is supported.
Incidents/Cases Included
*We help you solving doubts and problems. Bugs will not be registered as cases.
Dedicated Engineer
* We ensure a dedicated engineer to solve your cases and doubts.
Max Response Time
* The response time will be flexible according with the incident priority, but at the worst case will never reach this time.
48 hours
Pay as you grow model option
* The support plan will be adaptable with your service requirements.
Supported Software
Zen Load Balancer v1
* Release candidate and stable versions are included.
Zen Load Balancer v2
* Release candidate and stable versions are included.
Zen Load Balancer v3
* Release candidate and stable versions are included.
Development Proposals Prioritisation
* The development requests from customers will be prioritized and will be accepted if fits with the development line of the project.
Private Package Repository
* A private package repository will be available to access to specific needs.
Instant Hotfixes
* Will be provided instant hotfixes without waiting a new release.
Contact Sources
Mailing List
* Through the official mailing list.
Bug Tracker
* Through the official bug tracker.
Maintenance advises
* Will be provided news, tips and maintenance advises through email.
Personal Email
* A personal email contact will be provided.
Private Chat
* This is an optional resource and will be only used for specific cases.

Support Programs Pricing

ZLB Support Packages

To get more information about the professional support or the purchasing method please contact us through the contact form. (Subject: Professional Support)

The Critical Support is a new service, please contact with us through the contact form for further information. (Subject: Professional Support)